you people indulge in commercialism - business

: Verbal sentence: Verb: Imperfect; second person; plural; masculine; Mood Jussive by Prohibitive Particle; [Form-VIII]; مصدر اِشْتَرَاءٌ Verbal noun; + و Subject pronoun in nominative state; Verbal noun. (1)2:41(2)5:44(3)16:95=3

 فعل مضارع مجزوم  و علامة جزمه حذف النون

   و- ضمير متصل في محل رفع فاعل-والألف-فارقة/جمع مذكرحاضر/باب اِفْتَعَلَ

  • Moreover, you people heartily accept that which I have compositely sent

  • It is Affirmer-Certifier-Sanctifier for that which is found written in the Book which is with you people [from Tor'aat].

  • And you people should not become the first disavower of it (Qur’ān)

  • Moreover, you (the religious leaders/scholars) should not indulge in commercialism gaining a trifling price substituting—in place of My Aa'ya'at: l passages of the sent Book;


  • And sincerely aspire to attain salvation exclusively from Me, thereby, keep endeavouring to attain salvation from Me.. [2:41]


  • Indeed Our Majesty had compositely sent the Tor'aat;

  • Guidance: Regulation - information code for aright course of conduct was prescribed therein (within her). And it had the illuminating light - insights in her contents showing the straight path to destination.


  • The Elevated and Chosen Allegiants of Allah the Exalted were adjudging by its standard those who had submitted for educating those who had become Jews

  • And the rabbis and the intelligentsia-scholars adjudged with those contents of the Book of Allah the Exalted which survived-remained guarded;

  • And they were attesters upon it.

  • Therefore, you should not dread people; instead be completely in awe of Me.


  • Take caution that you (the religious leaders/scholars) should not indulge in business with My Aa'ya'at: unitary verbal passages for a trifling price-worldly gain.


  • Be mindful; if anyone in timeline decided and commanded not by that: the Book which Allah the Exalted communicated:


  • Thereby, they are the people who are in fact the non-believers. [5:44]



  • And you people (learned men - scholars - religious elite) should not indulge in business with Allah's Covenant for a trifling price/gain.


  • Fact remains, that which is bestowed by the grace of Allah the Exalted is far better for you people;

  • Should you people intend to understand/know it (you could avoid above business). [16:95]

Two occurrences