Root: ن ك ث

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 7 

b) No of constructions: 5

Noun: 1; Verb: 4; Recurrence: 6 [Form-I]

Ibn Faris [died 1005] stated:

(مقاييس اللغة)

النُّونُ وَالْكَافُ وَالثَّاءُ أَصْلٌ صَحِيحٌ يَدُلُّ عَلَى نَقْضِ شَيْءٍ. وَنَكَثَ الْعَهْدَ

That it leads to the perception of revocation, repeal and breach, violation of the promise, agreement or treaty.

Lane Lexicon: He undid [the threads of] a garment of the kind called كِسَاء, &c.: (Msb:) he undid, or untwisted, a rope. He dissolved, violated, or broke, a covenant, or compact,

Classical Lexicons

  • Acceding their request as soon Our Majesty removed away from them the irritating-abominable trouble/infliction; a reprieve for a term they were reaching its terminating point —

  • مگر جوں ہی ہم جناب نے اس تکلیف اور بے چین کر دینے والی مصیبت سے  انہیں نجات دے دی،اس متعین کردہ مہلت کے لئے جس کی تکمیل کی جانب وہ پہنچ رہے تھے؛

Root: ك ش ف

  • At that point in time they used to twist away from their sworn promise — [7:135]

  • ۔اس وقت وہ اپنے قسمیہ وعدے سے پلٹ جاتے تھے۔

  • And if they have violated their oaths after their contractual obligation and have gibed about your Prescribed Code of Conduct-Islam; thereat for reason of annulling the pact you people confront war with the leaders of disbelievers —

Root: ط ع ن; ع ھ د

  • It is certain fact that not at all oaths have sanctity for them. The objective is that after war they might cease gibing. [9:12]

  • Consider why not you people confront war with the nation who have torn apart their oaths?

  • And they had in the past determined for the expulsion of the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam, from Mecca]

  • And they have initiated war against you for the first time.

Root: م ر ر

  • Do you people feel afraid of them?

  • If so, be mindful for being the Mightiest, Allah the Exalted has more right and exceedingly deserves that you people feel afraid of Him —

  •  Recognize it if you were truly the believers [Believe in Allah recognizing all His Traits]. [9:13]

  • And you people should not become like that woman who broke-untwisted her spun yarn after having been strengthened, rendering it broken strands —

Root: ن ق ض

  • While you people adopt your oaths as tool of deception in society aiming that certain community might become superior community relegating another.

Root: ر ب و

  • By such varying positions Allah the Exalted only subjects you people to a trial for exposure of your true worth.

  • And He the Exalted will certainly make it evident for you people on the Day of Rising about that in which you people kept differing. [16:92]

  • Then/acceding their request when Our Majesty removed from them the irritating/abominable trouble/infliction, [for a period reaching its terminating point] at that point of time they used to twist away from their word/promise. [43:50]

  • ۔مگر جوں ہی ہم جناب نے اس تکلیف اور بے چین کر دینے والی مصیبت سے  انہیں نجات دے دی، اس وقت وہ اپنے قسمیہ وعدے سے پلٹ جاتے تھے۔

Root: ك ش ف

  • Indeed those who willingly and affectionately pledge themselves in allegiance to you the Messenger [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam], they in fact only pledge to Allah the Exalted in allegiance, the Hand of Allah is over the hands of them [which they place on your hand, as demonstration of solemnity].

Root: ف و ق

  • Therefore, whoever would be breaking the pledge, thereat he in fact broke against his own self —

  • And whoever discharged the obligation to Allah the Exalted that which He the Exalted had imposed upon him —

Root: ع ھ د

  • Since he faithfully discharged the pledge, therefore, He the Exalted will soon grant him a great reward. [48:10]                                                                                  



Noun: Indefinite; Broken Plural; feminine; Accusative  (1)16:92=1

                                                                                          اسم: منصوب-جمع مكسر مؤنث


Verb Form-I


Verb: Perfect; Third Person; Singular; Masculine; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر-نَكْثٌ Verbal Noun. (1)48:10=1

                                      فعل ماضٍ مبني على الفتح/الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:هُوَ-واحد مذكرغائب


Verb: Perfect; third person; plural; masculine;  [و]Subject pronoun, in nominative state;  مصدر-نَكْثٌ Verbal Noun (1)9:12(2)9:13=2

     فعل ماضٍ مبنى على الضم لاتصاله بواو الجماعة/و- ضمير متصل في محل رفع فاعل-والألف-فارقة/جمع مذكر غائب


Verb: Imperfect: Third person; singular; masculine; Mood Indicative; Subject Pronoun hidden; مصدر-نَكْثٌ Verbal Noun. (1)48:10=1

                             فعل مضارع مرفوع بالضمة-الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:هُوَ-واحد مذكرغائب


Verb: Imperfect; Third person; plural; masculine; Mood: Indicative evident by نَ; and [و] Subject Pronoun, nominative state; مصدر-نَكْثٌ Verbal Noun  (1)7:135(2)43:50=2

                          فعل مضارع مرفوع بثبوت النون/و-ضمير متصل في محل رفع فاعل-جمع مذكرغائب